• Spay and neuter prices exclude post-operative pain medications, which depends on weight and ranges. Pain medication is not necessary on most routine dental cleanings.  
  • Some dogs will need a head cone (the much-feared "cone of shame") for a few days after spay or neuter surgery, which can be purchased at our reception desk at pick-up.
  • Surgery is a great time to MICROCHIP your pet since they will be under anesthesia and feel no pain. We offer microchip service which includes lifelong database registration with Microfindr.
  • Please do not feed your pet for 8 hours before surgery or dental cleanings. Allow access to water at all times. 

Kitten Series 1 (6-8 weeks old):   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, RCPN and Leukemia (core) Vaccines, Deworming.        

We encourage spaying and neutering all pets to prevent accidental breeding, overpopulation and unwanted behaviors.

However, our primary reasons for sterilization surgery are the many medical benefits:

  • Female dogs who are spayed BEFORE their first heat cycle (which usually occurs at 7-10 months of age) have close to 0% chance to develop mammary (breast) cancer in their lifetimes. If they are spayed after their second heat cycle or not spayed at all, that number skyrockets to 25%.
  • Uterine infection in dogs over 8 years old is extremely common in intact females and is a medical emergency. 
  • Neutering dogs and cats eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and dramatically reduces the chance of prostate disease.

For these reasons and many more, we recommend spaying your female puppies and kittens between 4 and 6 months of age and neutering your male pups and kittens between 6 months and 3 years of age.

Annual Check Up & Core Vaccines:   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, RCPN, Leukemia and Rabies (core) Vaccines.

If you are not sure what your pet needs, please call us for recommendations

Vaccinations and Preventative Care

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Puppy Series 4 (12-14 weeks old):   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, DAPPv and Rabies (core) Vaccines, Deworming.

​​Spay, Neuter and Dental

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork is highly recommended prior to any of the procedures listed below. We offer this bloodworkto screen for common conditions that might complicate surgery. It is performed in-clinic and is usually done the morning of the procedure. Please let us know if you would like us to add on this service before the procedure. It is not necessary but is highly recommended. 

Annual Check Up & Core Vaccines:  Physical Exam, Fecal Exam, Heartworm Test, DAPPv and Rabies (core) Vaccines.    

Adult Dogs

Our Services

We are a FULL SERVICE veterinary hospital for all of your dog or cat's medical needs.

Puppy Series 1-2 (6-8 weeks old):  Physical Exam , Fecal exam, DAPPv (core) Vaccines, Deworming.


Kitten Series 3 (14-16 weeks old):   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, RCPN, Leukemia and Rabies (core) Vaccines, Deworming.

Kitten Series 2 (10-12 weeks old):   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, RCPN and Leukemia (core) Vaccines, Deworming.

Puppy Series 3 (10-12 weeks old):   Physical Exam, Fecal exam, DAPPv (core) Vaccines, Deworming.

Spay, Neuter, and Dental Services

​Adult Cats

Not all surgeons (or surgical facilities) are created equally. We take pride in the high quality of our anesthetic and surgical protocols for our patients while keeping fees reasonable for our clients. Your BEST FRIEND deserves the BEST CARE! Regardless of where your fur-baby is having surgery, make sure you ask about the surgeon's experience and the anesthetic protocols. We are happy to show you around our beautiful state-of-the-art facility if you have any questions!

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine and the Bivalent Influenza Vaccine are not core vaccines but are recommended at 8 and 12 weeks of age for any dog that may need grooming or boarding in the future, or any dog that visits dog parks. Annual boosters are recommended. 

Preventative Care

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

-Benjamin Franklin

We strive to prevent disease whenever possible and believe that ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMS, SCREENING TESTS, and VACCINATION of our patients plays a crucial role in that mission. 

Contrary to popular belief, not every pet needs the same vaccines. When you visit us, we will ask you questions about your dog or cat's lifestyle and CUSTOMIZE a vaccine program for your individual pet using the American Animal Hospital Association Vaccine Guidelines.

Please keep in mind that certain municipalities and home owner's associations have different vaccination rules for pets.